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Thats me !!

Even my orkut page says today “inactivity can be fun for a while, but you have to be doing something to be happy”
Does it know my state of ‘just chilling!! ‘these days? Is it out in the news somewhere??
Gosh.....Makes me feel that I’m the only one on the planet spending time doing literally ‘nothing’.

Well... I guess today will be the day when I’ll finally pay some heed to my sister’s constant advices of 'start doing something… at least blogging! '(Don’t get the impression that she’s elder to me!)

Someone once said (or was it me) 'laziness is something that grows on to you. The less you work lesser you feel like working'. That’s exactly how I am these days. I can’t even remember when I had so much free time in my past 28 years.

Oh no no... Don’t get the impression that I’ve been doing absolutely nothing. I did some painting and I’d like to believe that I’m good at it. A friend gifted me a canvas and I was full on to it. But now that the painting is complete, laziness has gr…