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I was updating my details on a website and as usual there was this space ‘About me’ When I sat down to write this column, I couldn’t think of anything that’s worth writing about…I’m just how a normal person is! I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, sister and lots of other ‘avatars’. I am also an entrepreneur madly in love with her work (that’s how entrepreneurs are supposed to be, right?) I have lots of other passions which I pursue whenever I get the time off from my one year old toddler (I consciously make an effort to take out time for each of them)…painting, reading, writing, music, dance! This blog was started from my need to just pour down my thoughts on anything under the sun…it is not limited to any particular area. But I have not been very regular at posting. Somewhere this blog always came last in my ‘To Do’ list and I never got down to updating it regularly. I now promise to myself to be regular at writing...but as they say, promises are made to be broken! Let’s see how far …

Giveaway winners :)

Yayy!! We have the winners of the giveaway (drum roll please!!!!)
We had this giveaway going on two blogs ( kadambaby & shuchi’s-blog)
To be fair to everyone, we compiled a list of entries on both the blogs (yes, people who had posted 2 comments were considered twice…and so on )
We used to generate 3 numbers and the lucky ones are as below…
Shalini Chandak & Shruti Bhat(of mindful meanderings) get the finger puppets and Shilpa Kamath gets the cushion cover. Congrats!!
Send us your postal address and contact numbers at…you’ll find the gifts in your mailbox soon!!
Thanks everyone for participating…it means a lot to us Do keep checking this space regularly…we’ll keep coming up with lovely stuff!!

Give-away at

A big hello to all the lovely people out there…thanks for visiting this blog!!

We are having our first give-away at and winning is real easy...just hope you get lucky!

Two lucky winners get this lovely set of 10 finger puppets. Both kids as well as parents love to play with these…making stories, telling them to everyone…its a lot of fun!!

One lucky winner gets this adorable smiley cushion cover. It will surely brighten up any room!!

Below are a few steps. You can either do any one, two or all of the below…whatever suits you J

Random comment numbers will be picked up using to decide the winners.

1)‘Like’ our facebook page ( and let us know you did by commenting below. That will be considered as one entry.

2)Invite any of your friends to ‘like’ our page. Let us know you did by another comment. That will be another entry.

3)Write a post on your blog about this giveaway and spread the message. Let us know via a separate comment with…