Life, Decisions & What-ifs??

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'
'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cat.
'I don't much care where -' said Alice.
'Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat.
'- so long as I get SOMEWHERE,' Alice added as an explanation.
'Oh, you're sure to do that,' said the Cat, 'if you only walk long enough.”
Lewis Carroll,Alice in Wonderland
Off late I have been pondering a lot over some of the decisions that I’ve made and ‘what ifs’.. its like a chain of thoughts that gets triggered by anything - a small conversation with the hubby, sight of a group of ladies enjoying by themselves, women dressed up for office in the morning, mothers engrossed in their kids’ activities, friends climbing up the corporate ladder… just about anything.
In my 20s, like most girls my age, I was very career oriented and was quite sure of what I wanted. Life was set with a nice job, good income, l…

The month gone by...January love :)

I love winters. I love January. I love everything that comes with it - the chilly weather, sweaters, lounging in cosy quilts, winter sun, oranges, loads of veggies, flowers... just everything. I don't know why, but thinking of winters brings about a very special feeling... childhood memories of eating oranges sitting in our garden under the sun, watching TV and sipping chai under the cosy quilt... pure nostalgia :)

Also the fact that January is my birth month adds to its charm. It always gave me a special kind of joy knowing that nobody in the family had any other event in January. No birthdays, no anniversaries, nothing except my birthday, and thats what made it all the more special :) (quite kiddish, yes!)

This year I got the best birthday gift... my little niece was born just a few days before my birthday and undoubtedly its the best gift anyone can get. She is such an angel and also a January baby.. that makes me love this month even more. Sooo looking forward to having '…

Let them be little…coz they’re only like that for a while!

Kids seem to grow up with the blink of an eye. One day they are cranky li’l monsters and the very next they appear to have matured. When N was born, how I wished him to be 1… so that my sleepless nights would be gone, When he was 2, I wished him to be 3… so that he would be diaper free, At 3 I wished him to be 4… thinking when he’ll start school I’ll work a little more, Now that he’s 5, it seems he has grown up with the blink of an eye!! The little monster has suddenly turned to a caring, understanding and sensible little man. He often surprises me with his maturity. It’s hard to forget some of the conversations we have… N (looking up from his Lego bag): Mom, why are you worried? Me (surprised): Not at all!! Why do you ask? N: But your face looks worried!!!! That’s when I realized that probably I WAS stressed out with work, managing people in office and home. A little boy who didn’t seem to be bothered by anything other than his toys and friends had noticed the expression on my face and was act…

Back from hibernation

I see that my last post was on 2014.. been 3 years since I've posted anything here and still this blog is up and running!! Thank you blogger for not kicking out people like us and saving us the effort of creating a new blog whenever we wake up. Thanks a lot!!
Time seems to be running, jumping, flying... a month has already gone by this year, little N has grown up to be a 6 year old boy, work has been growing at a steady pace... life's good !!
Will come back here soon.

Happy New Year!!

First of all I would like to wish everyone (including myself) a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!

For me, 2013 was full of ups and downs...lot more downs than ups...few really tragic incidents in the family, lack of focus on work, a sick child most of the year... phew!!
There were of course moments of yeah's and wow's scattered here and there throughout the year.

I've hardly made any new year resolutions (apart from losing weight !).. but this year I have a whole list :)
I plan to review it monthly and see how it goes.

1. N- My son had been really unwell most of last year so this year's complete focus is on his health and diet. Of course we can't expect a child not to fall sick, but developing healthy habits (food and otherwise) is a priority.

2. Kadambaby- Yes, that's my second child ! Its been about 2 years since we've started this brand and its doing pretty well for itself, but I always feel that I should put in a lot more time and effort. This y…


I was updating my details on a website and as usual there was this space ‘About me’ When I sat down to write this column, I couldn’t think of anything that’s worth writing about…I’m just how a normal person is! I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, sister and lots of other ‘avatars’. I am also an entrepreneur madly in love with her work (that’s how entrepreneurs are supposed to be, right?) I have lots of other passions which I pursue whenever I get the time off from my one year old toddler (I consciously make an effort to take out time for each of them)…painting, reading, writing, music, dance! This blog was started from my need to just pour down my thoughts on anything under the sun…it is not limited to any particular area. But I have not been very regular at posting. Somewhere this blog always came last in my ‘To Do’ list and I never got down to updating it regularly. I now promise to myself to be regular at writing...but as they say, promises are made to be broken! Let’s see how far …

Giveaway winners :)

Yayy!! We have the winners of the giveaway (drum roll please!!!!)
We had this giveaway going on two blogs ( kadambaby & shuchi’s-blog)
To be fair to everyone, we compiled a list of entries on both the blogs (yes, people who had posted 2 comments were considered twice…and so on )
We used to generate 3 numbers and the lucky ones are as below…
Shalini Chandak & Shruti Bhat(of mindful meanderings) get the finger puppets and Shilpa Kamath gets the cushion cover. Congrats!!
Send us your postal address and contact numbers at…you’ll find the gifts in your mailbox soon!!
Thanks everyone for participating…it means a lot to us Do keep checking this space regularly…we’ll keep coming up with lovely stuff!!