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My journey in the US so far...

It seems like yesterday... I was in my office mustering up the courage to put down my resignation. My husband was getting relocated to US and the obvious choice (then) was to join him.

I stepped out of my boss’ cabin and it seemed as if everybody knew about it... Like some ‘breaking news’ on AAJ TAK!

‘Congrats!! You’ll be going to US; which place? New York? Great; it’s the best place you could ever go to; finally you’re out of all this; enjoy your life; it’s like a dream come true; and so on… The next one month at work was flooded with similar comments, feedbacks and advices.

Probably the time in between was the best time... Meeting parents, relatives, friends, shopping, packing, planning… Lots of excitement in life... It was a welcome break from the usual routine life I had been leading for the past 4 yrs. Home-office-home.

With such a lot of hustle-bustle, I didn’t even realize the days passing by and I was in US. Even the flight was Air India and the time went by listening to Indian m…

The Magic Of "Harry Potter"

Harry Potter has probably divided the world in 2 kinds of people...

1) Who are just crazy about the series and get a smile on their faces on just the mention of terms like ‘muggle’ , ‘hogwarts’, ‘quidditch’ etc..

and 2) Who constantly keep thinking ‘what is all this fuss about Harry Potter? Isn’t it supposed to be for kids? People have probably gone really crazy... and so on...

I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter by one of my colleagues. She was always high on ‘Harry Potter spirit’ and didn’t need any reason to give me the first 3 books of the series to read. It just took me a couple of days to jump from the 2nd lot of people to the 1st one. Harry Potter is indeed an addiction and there’s no denying that!

After that I’ve tried to bring almost everyone I know from the 2nd lot to the 1st... Alas... No luck till now!!
There was a time when I wished really hard that any of my family members or close friends get into the ‘Harry potter fan club’ so that I could have ‘Harry Potter’ …

Niagara Falls – Nature at its best..

“Have you guys been to Niagara yet?” This question haunted me from the time I came to New York.
It was as if Niagara is THE place to be, and you have wasted your time in US if you haven’t been there.
Another one of the over hyped places. I thought to myself... We have plenty of falls back home but nobody raves about them!

Anyway, we were sitting at a friend’s place and were planning to go out on some weekend... The obvious place was Niagara.
After a month long preparation of renting of the car, booking a decent hotel near the falls and getting the tickets to various rides there we finally set off for THE NIAGARA.
It is a 7 hour drive from New York. With 3 people having Driving License, the drive was quite comfortable.
We reached ‘Days Inn’ at around 11:30 pm. The hotel is at a very convenient location and falls are at a distance of just 10 minutes walk.

Next morning, all fresh and excited, we left for the falls. I was expecting an ethnic mix of crowd but all I could see were people from Indi…

Thats me !!

Even my orkut page says today “inactivity can be fun for a while, but you have to be doing something to be happy”
Does it know my state of ‘just chilling!! ‘these days? Is it out in the news somewhere??
Gosh.....Makes me feel that I’m the only one on the planet spending time doing literally ‘nothing’.

Well... I guess today will be the day when I’ll finally pay some heed to my sister’s constant advices of 'start doing something… at least blogging! '(Don’t get the impression that she’s elder to me!)

Someone once said (or was it me) 'laziness is something that grows on to you. The less you work lesser you feel like working'. That’s exactly how I am these days. I can’t even remember when I had so much free time in my past 28 years.

Oh no no... Don’t get the impression that I’ve been doing absolutely nothing. I did some painting and I’d like to believe that I’m good at it. A friend gifted me a canvas and I was full on to it. But now that the painting is complete, laziness has gr…