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Im Happy :)

Its been a long long time since I’ve posted anything here.. Actually life had again become a routine, home-office–home. And with the extreme winters which seem to have just got over, any sort of activity was a distant dream.

But I guess this is a by far the biggest event of my life and I had to write at least something.

You might have guessed by now..

Yes.. we’re expecting!!
We’ve even heard the heartbeat..and its amazing!

I used to think that the reaction will be like what they show in the movies.. everyone jumping in excitement and singing with joy.. hehe!
Well it was almost the same or even more at our parent's place.. the excitement in their voices can't be described in words.

But for us its nothing like this.. Not even close. I’m unable to find the word to describe the feeling - excitement... maybe,, surprise...nah!

Yes we're excited at the thought of a baby coming in our lives, but then the thought of our entire lifestyle change after that is scary. Feels lik…