The Magic Of "Harry Potter"

Harry Potter has probably divided the world in 2 kinds of people...

1) Who are just crazy about the series and get a smile on their faces on just the mention of terms like ‘muggle’ , ‘hogwarts’, ‘quidditch’ etc..

and 2) Who constantly keep thinking ‘what is all this fuss about Harry Potter? Isn’t it supposed to be for kids? People have probably gone really crazy... and so on...

I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter by one of my colleagues. She was always high on ‘Harry Potter spirit’ and didn’t need any reason to give me the first 3 books of the series to read. It just took me a couple of days to jump from the 2nd lot of people to the 1st one. Harry Potter is indeed an addiction and there’s no denying that!

After that I’ve tried to bring almost everyone I know from the 2nd lot to the 1st... Alas... No luck till now!!
There was a time when I wished really hard that any of my family members or close friends get into the ‘Harry potter fan club’ so that I could have ‘Harry Potter’ discussions with them! (Quite childish, to think of it)

Movies have always been a disappointment for me (reading a book is always more captivating than watching a movie). However, since I had watched all the 5 parts, I had to see the 6th one too.

So last week we went to watch ‘Harry Potter and the half blood prince’. I managed to drag my husband along with me... Poor guy... He hasn’t read even a single book and there he was sitting in the theatre trying to understand the movie. (I should really thank him for that!)

This movie is not at all for first timers. To them, it may seem like watching some Chinese movie in aboriginal language. Even for those who had read the book, the movie was quite a surprise. People came out of the theatre wondering why this part was named ‘half blood prince’… forget the rest of the doubts!!

Anyway, this post is not a review of movie and I’m not getting into all of that.

What was surprising was that the euphoria of Harry Potter is very much alive even after the series is over. The story and its end is known to all Potter fans, but the craze just doesn't seem to fade off. The theatre was packed not just with kids, but there where people from all age groups.

This part does leave a lot of unanswered questions….
Will Dumbledore be back?
What happens to Snape?
Will Ginny officially become Harry’s girlfriend?
Will Hermoine and Ron be able to express their feelings to one another?
Is Draco Malfoy really bad?
And so on…

Will have to wait for both parts of the 7th book to get all the answers...

But for now, all I can say is…. Long live the magic of Harry Potter!!


  1. I belong to the 2nd group :P

  2. I too belong to the second group.... :)

  3. Hey this was my first Harry Porter movie I watched and as you mentioned, just not the right one for the uninitiated so understandably I was dissapointed. But I followed it up by watching 3 of the previous ones on TV and found them really entertaining! So my verdict is that the latest one is the most boring of the lot!

  4. Thats right Priya. I have the same opinion even about the book of this part. It is the most boring of the lot. The initial ones are really intereesting and of course, the last one too is great.

  5. Agree that a book is always more captivating than watching a movie !! And I loved readingall the Harry Potter series than watchin the movie version... !!!


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