Living room- wall decor

Of late I’ve been inspired by blogs on home décor/crafts etc and have been really enjoying reading and seeing what people have been posting.
Heres something I did last weekend and these blogs have inspired me to post my stuff too. Hope it interests at least some people!!
I had a few of my paintings lying in my house..never bothered to get them framed.. Got them framed finally last week and now they are up on our walls. Feels nice to show off some of my own work (talk of modesty!)

Have put these up on our living room walls..just near the entrance..

Heres a closer look..

Another wall...We have a 7 month old baby who keeps on crawling in the entire house so we've decided to get minimum furnitures right now and give him enough space for all his activities.. heres our floor seating arrangement and another one of my paintings up on the wall..

closer look...

i also tried my hand at making origami lotus..

didn't have the right color papers..but tried to make them anyway..they are now sitting on one of the corners of the room.

That was all for the weekend..hoping to target another room sometime later!


  1. Love the painting.... the orange landscape looks soo attractive...!!

    The seating arrangement is soo practical... !! Also, the origami lotus has come out well..!!

  2. Thanks Emreen..I'm glad you liked them!

  3. Awesome Lotus-- looks cool on your desk


  4. Thanks Sonia.. Glad you liked it!

  5. The oragami lotus' are impressive.. You must post a tutorial..

    The painting is also gorgeous!!

  6. Beautiful paintings. The origami lotuses look exquisite.


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