Happy New Year!!

First of all I would like to wish everyone (including myself) a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!

For me, 2013 was full of ups and downs...lot more downs than ups...few really tragic incidents in the family, lack of focus on work, a sick child most of the year... phew!!
There were of course moments of yeah's and wow's scattered here and there throughout the year.

I've hardly made any new year resolutions (apart from losing weight !).. but this year I have a whole list :)
I plan to review it monthly and see how it goes.

1. N- My son had been really unwell most of last year so this year's complete focus is on his health and diet. Of course we can't expect a child not to fall sick, but developing healthy habits (food and otherwise) is a priority.

2. Kadambaby- Yes, that's my second child ! Its been about 2 years since we've started this brand and its doing pretty well for itself, but I always feel that I should put in a lot more time and effort. This year we plan to take it to the next level...structure our manufacturing base, increase the team size, increase visibility and make it a nationally recognised brand.

3. Travel - Short trips also work fine, but atleast get out of the city once in a while!

4. Make some new friends. I am really bad at making friends. The ones I have are some really good friends from school, college and initial jobs. But its been quite some time since I've made a new friend. This year is the time to meet people a bit more and make some new friends.

5. Weight loss is still on my list !!

Hope 2014 is one of the best years for all of us!! Have a great one :)



  1. Good one didi :)
    Hope you have'nt lost focus on your goals...:p
    BTW you dont need to lose weight... Just a li'l toning... :)


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