The month gone by...January love :)

I love winters. I love January. I love everything that comes with it - the chilly weather, sweaters, lounging in cosy quilts, winter sun, oranges, loads of veggies, flowers... just everything. I don't know why, but thinking of winters brings about a very special feeling... childhood memories of eating oranges sitting in our garden under the sun, watching TV and sipping chai under the cosy quilt... pure nostalgia :)

Also the fact that January is my birth month adds to its charm. It always gave me a special kind of joy knowing that nobody in the family had any other event in January. No birthdays, no anniversaries, nothing except my birthday, and thats what made it all the more special :) (quite kiddish, yes!)

This year I got the best birthday gift... my little niece was born just a few days before my birthday and undoubtedly its the best gift anyone can get. She is such an angel and also a January baby.. that makes me love this month even more. Sooo looking forward to having 'We love January' talks with her when she grows up. (yeah, call me kiddish again!)

How could I forget, my 6 year old also gave me a wonderful present. His school's sports day was on my birthday and in the morning he promised me that he would give me the best birthday gift... and he did keep his promise :) He won a gold medal and it was such a proud moment seeing him stand on the podium and receive the medal. How these little things makes us parents proud!

This month has come to an end and its been such a wonderful January.. Looking forward to the rest of 2017. 


  1. Hey there - so are you a Capricorn? I like Januray too - there's something about the beginning of a year that fills me with hope for good things.

    1. Hey Tulika,
      I'm an aquarian :)
      Totally agree with you.. January fills us with hope for good things.


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